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In what ways do legal responsibility and professional accountability Dissertation

In what ways do legal responsibility and professional accountability differ Be sure to cite current literature in response - Dissertation Example134). Accountability is described by Daniels (2004) as the act of assuming responsibility for one’s actions, which is an important method to demonstrate commitment to quality client care, thus being accountable for their judgments, decisions, and actions (p. 287). The accountability of a nurse goes beyond the client, and includes the family, colleagues, and the public. Because of the field’s organization, a nurse’s accountability depends upon the hierarchical structure he or she belongs to and the situation itself. Although nursing standards are not law, they possess important legal significance (Springhouse Corporation, 2004, p. 33), thus rendering nurses legal responsibilities. For instance, when a nurse fails to act according to set standards and thus harm the patient, the nurse can be involved in a lawsuit. Once proven that there is neglect or malpractice on the side of the nurse, then he or she is charged according to law.

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